Duette Shades

Australia's first honeycomb shades

Since first introducing honeycomb shades in Australia, LUXAFLEX® Duette Shades have been at the forefront of innovative design, offering the ideal balance between function and energy efficiency together with versatility and style.

Luxaflex Duette Shades: Australia’s first and still the leader.

Privacy, light control and insulation

Produced from a spun-bonded polyester honeycomb structured fabric, Duette Shades are an efficient window insulator. Duette Architella and Architella Ménage are unrivalled when it comes to window coverings that will keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, as well as helping you save on energy costs.

Attractive. Contemporary. Versatile.

Duette Shades are available in a large range of colours, fabric styles, opacities and textures to soften light and bring warmth to any room - as well as the largest range of operating systems to suit any window or door.

Right for your home

Luxaflex Duette Shades provide more options and styles than any other honeycomb shade

    • Top down bottom up

      Top down bottom up

      Lower the blind from the top down so you can allow light through the top of the blind and provide a view, while maintaining privacy on the bottom of the window.

      This is different to traditional roller blinds and Roman shades which normally raise from the bottom, meaning privacy is lost when the blind is partly raised.

    • Duo-lite


      Duo-lite provides the highest level of flexibility - with two blinds in one - to achieve daytime light diffusion with a sheer blind and nighttime privacy in blockout for complete convenience.



      Ultraglide uses a revolutionary retractable cord mechanism to provide a constant cord length.

      This is ideal for child and pet safety, as there are no long cords hanging down when the shade is raised.

      It can be used on a traditional top down or top down bottom up arrangement, or Duette Duo-lite Shades.​

    • LiteRise


      LiteRise raises the shade from the bottom by hand, pushing up the bottom rail and pulling the bottom rail down to lower the shade.

      Featuring no exposed cords, this is the ideal manual control option for child and pet safety.

    • PowerView


      This system features a battery-operated remote-control system to raise and lower the blind with the touch of a button.

      With no exposed cords, PowerView Lifting System is the ultimate choice for convenience and child safety.

      The PowerRise Lifting System is ideal where wiring is difficult.

    • Motorised


      This system features a hardwired motor in the blind headrail to raise and lower the shade by a remote or wall switch.

      This is the premium control choice, and can be wired into home automation systems.

    • Vertiglide


      The ideal solution for sliding doors, the fabric runs from side to side, vertically suspended from a single track system.

      With a very small side stack, Vertiglide is perfect for light control in doorways.

    • Skylight


      Featuring side channels for full light coverage, the skylight operates by sliding the shade with a control stick.

      It can be used with both light-filtering fabrics or blockout for complete heat and light control.

    • Special shapes

      Special shapes

      Many shapes such as triangles and arched windows can be covered with a fixed Duette shape.

      Teamed up with an operating blind below, they provide an ideal solution to those unusual shaped windows in many homes.

      The exclusive Duette Operable Arch allows you to raise and lower the fabric, unlike a fixed shape.

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