Evo Awnings

The Australian-designed LUXAFLEX® Evo Awning range represents the latest in design, styling and functionality.

The Evo Awning range maintains its sleek look across all styles.


    Save on electricity bills

    With Evo, you can save up to 60%1 on your cooling costs.

    Up to 88%2 of a home’s heat gain in summer occurs through the windows, and heating/cooling appliances use 41%3 of household energy.

    There are substantial long-term savings to be had with effective use of awnings, including the Evo Awning.

    A style for every home

    The LUXAFLEX® Evo Awning range comprises five models and comes in a selection of beautiful fabrics to shade your home.

    • Cable Awnings

      Cable Awnings

      Great for increased air flow and perfect for coastal applications.

    • Drop Awnings

      Drop Awnings

      A stylish solution with straps secured down to the floor.

    • STC (Side Tension Channel)

      STC (Side Tension Channel)

      Ideal for insect resistance and windy applications, as the fabric is secured in the side channels. 

    • Channel Awnings

      Channel Awnings

      Cost-effective alternative for sun protection, perfect for enclosing patios and courtyards.

    • Pivot Arm Awning

      Pivot Arm Awning

      Heavy-duty design with optimal airflow, ideal for larger windows up to 5m wide.

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