Fixed Metal Awnings

A Traditional Awning for Full Shade

LUXAFLEX® Fixed Metal Awnings provide perfect shading to patios, verandahs, external windows and doors. They can span unlimited widths and project up to three metres depending on the style you choose.

Design your own pattern with our panel selector.

Colour coordinate, blend or contrast with an extensive range of colours.

Optional sides and mitred corners available on selected models.

Luxaflex Fixed Aluminium Awnings are the traditional choice in awnings. Aluminium awnings can reflect up to 90% of heat normally transmitted through a window.



    • Kingston Awnings

      Kingston Awnings

      Luxaflex Kingston Metal Awnings not only reflect the heat and light, but they have the added benefit of being fully waterproof and are therefore designed to provide protection regardless of the weather conditions.

      Optional closed sides and mitred corners are available on arm support model. Arm support available for up to 2.7 Metres projection and post support for larger projections. Posts and awning understructure are white for a neutral appearance.

    • Bahama Awnings

      Bahama Awnings

      Luxaflex Bahama Awnings feature a series of wide horizontal panels.

      This awning is ideal for the budget solution for shading windows, doorways or patio areas.

      Available in arm support style for projection up to 2 metres and post support for projections up to 3 metres.

      Posts and awning understructure are white for a neutral appearance.

    • Caribbean Awnings

      Caribbean Awnings

      Luxaflex Caribbean Awnings are the most decorative of the fixed range, available with arm or post support, optional sides and mitred corners

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