Roller Blinds

The secret to the bold range of LUXAFLEX® Roller Blinds with patented EDGE Technology is their ergonomic design focusing on greater efficiency.

Featuring sleek design, smooth operation and unrivalled inner strength, EDGE Technology allows you to span even the largest window beautifully.

Highly durable hardware delivers smooth and reliable operation.

Innovative technology and styles

The Luxaflex Roller Blinds range has a variety of styles and options, such as Motorisation, including the Exclusive Qmotion Battery Operated Roller Blind.

You'll find a system to match your needs and style from Standard Chain Drive to Linked and Dual Roller Blinds, as well as options such as enclosed head boxes, side channels and more.

Smooth and light operation

They can be operated using either standard chain drive or motorised technology.

Hardware components are available in four colour options – white, Black, grey and magnolia.

A sleek and contemporary head box and fascia system are available in both an anodised and powder coated finish (white, black or magnolia).

The Luxaflex Ellipse Balance Rail has been designed with perfect weight distribution in mind to ensure fabrics hang flat.

Smooth and light operation

Roller blinds can be operated using either standard chain drive or motorised technology.

The durable standard chain drive is available in two ratio mechanisms enabling a heavier blind to be lifted without the need of a spring booster. It is also aesthetically pleasing in one size format for a consistent look throughout the home.

The aluminium tube has been engineered to perform well with minimal deflection over large expanses.

Our Qmotion remote control motorised blind is the only roller blind motorisation of its kind available in Australia. Batteries are hidden in the roller tube and no electrician is required, making it beautiful and cost effective. Find out more about Qmotion.



    Living with innovation

    Two compact dual bracket designs are available:

    1. The standard (under) roll configuration ensures the blind skin can be fitted close to the window.
    2. The reverse (over) roll configuration provides a self pelmet effect.

    Both dual brackets can be installed with either same side or opposite end controls.

    An optional patented integrated levelling device makes it easy to adjust shades after mounting.

    • Outer Beauty

      Outer Beauty

      Hardware components are available in four colour options – white, black, grey and magnolia.

    • sleek and contemporary

      sleek and contemporary

      A sleek and contemporary head box and fascia system are available in both an anodised and powder coated finish (white, black or magnolia) with matching end caps.

      The head box and fascia system can be installed in both reveal and face fit positions and have a snap-lock cover for quiet operation.

      To obtain room darkening, the head box system can be installed with side channels, available in matching powder colours (white, black or magnolia) or anodised finish.

    • Ellipse balance rail

      Ellipse balance rail

      The EDGE Technology Hardware System is available with the Ellipse Balance Rail which features a soundproofing bumper and which has been designed with perfect weight distribution in mind to ensure fabrics hang flat.

      The Ellipse Balance Rail is now available in 10 colours, which include the original black, white, magnolia and anodised. New colour options are Gunmetal, Granite, Limestone, Bronze and two exclusive Australian Window Furnishing colours - Dune and Shoji White.

      Four new end caps have been introduced to stylishly co-ordinate with the Ellipse rail.

      The internal design of the Ellipse Balance Rail has been re-engineered to improve the finished blind quality. This reduces fabric reworks caused by scratching and stretching as the fabric runs through the balance rail during fabrication.

    Ground breaking, affordable innovation

    • Stylish and affordable motorisation

      Stylish and affordable motorisation

      LUXAFLEX® Roller Blinds with Qmotion Technology were designed with a focus on making motorised blinds more affordable while maintaining style.

      They are the only super-quiet, battery-operated blinds available in Australia, with the batteries cleverly hidden inside the roller tube.

      The result is a perfectly balanced roller blind system that works quietly and seamlessly.

    • The Qmotion advantage

      The Qmotion advantage

      • Clean appearance without wires or cords.
      • Low-cost installation and maintenance – no electrician required.
      • Super-quiet operation.
      • Compatible with a range of home automation systems.
    • Flexible, reliable and child-safe

      Flexible, reliable and child-safe

      Qmotion Roller Blinds can be operated by a remote control, or moved by hand to your desired position.

      Battery life will last up to 5 years on standard alkaline batteries*.

      Installing Luxaflex Roller Blinds with Qmotion Technology is simple – there are no wires, no special tools required and no expensive, hard-to-find proprietary batteries.

    • Breakthrough technology

      Breakthrough technology

      With Qmotion Technology, innovative design minimises friction, reducing the amount of power needed to raise and lower the blinds - meaning longer lasting batteries.

      Standard alkaline batteries are discreetly housed inside the roller tube, yet are easy to replace when needed.

    • Motorised or manual operation

      Motorised or manual operation

      Can’t find your remote? No problem! Luxaflex Qmotion Roller Blinds will operate with or without a wireless remote controller.

      The blinds can be adjusted by simply applying short downward pressure to the bottom bar, activating the motor and moving the blind to a fully open or pre-programmed position.

      Longer downward pressure will move the blind to the new lower position.

    Operating Systems

    • Classic Chain Drive

      Classic Chain Drive

      With its classic design and simple appeal, this Roller Blind option delivers practical operation and unobtrusive style to any home.

    • Linked Roller Blinds

      Linked Roller Blinds

      LUXAFLEX® Flexi Glide Roller Blinds can be purchased in wider dimensions with the new Linked Roller Blind system, which gives you the ability to operate up to three blinds with the one control.

    • Dual Bracket Roller Blinds

      Dual Bracket Roller Blinds

      Dual Flexi Glide Roller Blinds allow you to combine the functionality of two different fabrics in the one roller blind system, offering flexibility to adjust both light levels and night time privacy in the one application.

    • Motorised and Automated Roller Blinds

      Motorised and Automated Roller Blinds

      Luxaflex Motorised Roller Blinds combine the flexibility and convenience of automation for enhanced internal comfort and control.

      Qmotion Technology provides a simple way of including motorisation in your blinds without the need for an electrician.

      Speak to your local Luxaflex dealer for the full range of motorisation options.

    EDGE Heavy Duty

    EDGE Heavy Duty gives you even more options and allows you to have the sleek design and lasting quality of Luxaflex Roller Blinds on even larger windows.

    The Heavy Duty modular system is designed to allow for larger blind widths, featuring a 65mm tube with the strength to allow for widths up to 3.8m and drops up to 5.5m.

    Fabric collection

    The beautiful Luxaflex Fabric Collection provides you with the ultimate colours and styles from plain to textured weaves, in a range of opacities from light-filtering to blockout.

    Luxaflex Fabrics are designed to suit your light, glare, heat and privacy needs, with a range of low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) fabrics for those sensitive to the smell of fabrics. Many fabrics are Sanitized treated for optimal hygiene and treated with DURAGUARD® Fabric Protector, which effectively repels most stain-causing agents.

    There are over 400 fabric options to choose from. Talk to your local Luxaflex dealer today to see and feel the complete range of Luxaflex Roller Blind fabrics.

    • Sunscreen


      Sunscreen fabrics allow for heat and light control while maintaining your view.

      They are perfect for reducing glare and heat in a room exposed to the sun. Layer with blockout fabrics for night time privacy.

    • Sheer


      Sheer fabrics give daytime privacy and some filtered view-through subject to the texture and weave.

      Layer with blockout fabrics to give night time privacy.

    • Translucent


      Translucent fabrics screen out harsh light, but do not allow a view-through.

      They bring texture or patterns to light coming into a room while providing daytime and night time privacy.

    • Blockout


      Blockout fabrics offer the ultimate level of privacy, day and night, while helping to insulate the room.

      Blockout fabrics offer room-darkening capabilities, making them ideal for bedrooms and home theatre or TV rooms.


    Your Luxaflex Window Fashions will

    • Resist water stains from rain, moisture and condensation on windows.
    • Resist oily stains from spills or fingerprints.
    • Resists mildew and fungi growing on your window coverings, keeping your home clean.
    • Protects against the development of bacteria, ensuring well-being in your home.
    • The Sanitized® Antimicrobial Protection is free of harmful substances and is recommended for allergy sufferers.


    • Easy to clean

      Easy to clean

      Many Luxaflex Fabrics are treated with DURAGUARD® Fabric Protector, which effectively repels most stain-causing agents with its proven, water-based, preventative formula.

    • Freshness and well-being in Your Home

      Freshness and well-being in Your Home

      Many Luxaflex Fabrics are treated with Sanitized® hygiene function, which keeps odours away, ensuring freshness in your home.

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