Sunrain Awnings

The first in the Contemporary Series of Awnings, the LUXAFLEX® SUNRAIN®* Awning provides protection from the rain or harsh sun.

Specially designed for the extreme weather conditions experienced throughout Australia, its unique double-pitch design allows rain water to run off the waterproof PVC fabric and drain out both sides of the custom drainage front rail. The unique middle stringer braces the arm at the flexing point, providing extra strength and stability when the awning is fully extended.

The custom middle stringer offers a double benefit: extra support for the arms, giving the awning strength in windy conditions while keeping the fabric pushed up and taut to maintain water proofing.

Options which can be added to the Sunrain Folding Arm Awning include the Wind Protect System, which significantly increases the awning's wind resistance; an Infra-red Heater; a sleek Aluminium Rain Hood; and a Variable Valance System for extra sun control and privacy.

The Sunrain Folding Arm Awning is not just functional - it looks great as well. Underpinned by German engineering, there's a waterproof fabric range available in 20 modern colours, a variable valance available in 10 colours as well as 12 custom powder coating colours and three standard colours.

Operation options include remote control motorisation, or manual crank. Sun and wind sensors are also available.

The awning is easy to install, and comes with a variety of mounting options. It is ideal for patios, terraces and pool sides.

Additional options available include:

Rain hood - The sleek, colour-coordinated, solid aluminium rain hood provides protection for fabric, keeping it clean.

Variable valance - By being able to adjust the height of the retractable valance, you can vary the shading to suit the sun’s position. The valance can double as a straight drop to provide shading and privacy even when the awning is retracted.

Wind Protect System - This system allows the awning to withstand higher winds when fully extended by stabilising the front rail. Its telescopic poles make removal and storage easy.

Infra-Red Heating - Optional heating allows you to create comfort and ambience for your outdoor living area. Infra-red heaters do not heat the air, but rather bodies and objects economically and effectively. A remote control option is available.

Crank Operation - The crank system uses a spring-assisted 11:1 gear ratio which allows ease of use regardless of the user's strength. It also comes with a built-in stop feature, ensuring over-extension of the arms does not occur.

Remote motor - RTS Operation - RTS motors offer a clean and simple solution for motorisation. Accessories can be added wirelessly to communicate with the motor, reducing the cost of hard wiring and providing a quick, clean installation.

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