Vertical Blinds

LUXAFLEX® Vertical Blinds control heat and light in a sleek, modern design, which incorporates the Ultimate Track System. Vertical Blinds are available in translucent and block-out fabrics in a huge variety of colours. Luxaflex Vertical Blinds add a fresh new dimension to a traditional window fashion.

There are two different operating styles available for Vertical Blinds. Choose from either cord operation and wand operation. Wands are available in pure white or anodised grey.

Edge Vertical Systems are a newly designed and developed system that has been enhanced specially for Australian market conditions. Edge Vertical blinds are suitable for a wide range of applications and are characterised by their flexibility, durability and the efficient solar protection they provide. Edge vertical blinds are available in four track colours and a wide range of fabrics to suit any interior décor.


    Vertical Blinds Options

    • Cord and Chain

      Cord and Chain

      A smooth operating system with a beaded chain and cord. The beaded chain (available in three colours) tilts the blades which allow you to have complete control and direction of the light you want in the room.

    • Traversing Wand

      Traversing Wand

      A new gear and triangular wand has improved quality and control when operating the blind, making the process easier and smoother. Simply using one hand, tilt the blades and draw across. One wand function is available in all stack options and two colours - white and anodised.

    • Monocommand 180

      Monocommand 180

      One continuous beaded cord operates the entire blind and is used for tilting and moving the blades. The cleverly designed bevel gears within the track allow the blades to rotate 180 degrees, eliminating light gaps.

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